2014 T-shirt colors and design.

“Leh we lime!!!!


Join the Islanders In The Sun T-shirt band of CAPAZ now. What kind of limer will you be: “ULTIMATE LIMER”, “LIMER”, “CHIPPER”, “STORMER” or “NOWHERERIAN”?!




“The ultimate all inclusive season pass including Commemorative T-Shirt, Friday NightParty access, Saturday Night Party access, Sunday Night Party access, 2 Meals and Beverages, and Photo Opportunity. (Over a $115 value for only $85.)



”For those that want to make a small lime this package gives a Commemorative T-Shirt, two out of three Party Night access, a Meal and Beverage, and Photo Opportunity. (A $100 value for only $70.)



Feeling to go with the flow? Then this one is for you to chip down the road with a Commemorative T-Shirt, one night Party access, Meal and Beverage, and Photo Opportunity. (A $80 value for only $5515.)



Need a Commemorative T-Shirt? Might make an appearance? Then purchase one todayand join us for a weekend packed with action. (A $20 value for $15.)



”If you are not here then you nowhere ;-)


Make the event a success by supporting any of the other bands or events that make up Phoenix Caribbean Carnival 2014, TheSplendor, The Culture, The Carnival, The Caribbean!! Remember, CAPAZ is a non-profit organization that seeks to utilize Caribbean cultureto bring about positive changes in Phoenix and beyond. Your support in any way is appreciated.






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